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Who We Are

Nestmarket is the only platform available for the distributed ownership of tangible assets. Made possible through the power of micro-ownership.


How Does it work

Please watch the below video on how Nestmarket operates:


How can I access

Nestmarket has launched on iOS and Android.

What's available on the marketplace?

Tangible Assets!

Nestmarket can support any tangible asset that can be photographed. Here's a list of preferred assets that can be listed:

Business Model

Costs and Fees

Units: $8-12
Fees: 3-5%

  • Assets initially listed on Nestmarket are sliced up into smaller digital units valued between $8-12 each. Once the transfer of an asset is finalized, owners of units can relist those units for sale at whatever value.

  • Nestmarket will take between 3-5% fees for the use of its platform.

  • Nestmarket can currently support initial listings valued up to $999,999.


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