Make capitalism work for you

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What is Nestmarket?

A community led marketplace to list and participate in fractional ownership of high value tangible assets

Real Estate

Land, residential, and commercial real-estate

Works of Art

Renessanince to modern impressionist paintings


Vintage stamps, baseball cards, classic cars

How Does It Work

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How does this make capitalism work for me?

Good question...before we can bring about this shift, we first need to build our community. With the help of our community, our first major goal is to solve the unaffordable housing crisis. Please subscribe to hear more on how you can bring about that shift, and download our app to join the community.

Cost and Fees

Our business model involves collecting small transactions fees

Initial Nest Offerings (INO)


  • During initial listings, tangible assets are divided into micro-units, ranging between $8-12 a piece

  • Once owned, units can be relisted for sale by its owner at whatever priced desired

  • INOs up to $1,000,000 are currently supported

Transaction Fees


  • Nestmarket will charge between 3-5% in transactions fees plus any applicable sales tax

  • Fees will vary depending on the amount of the total transaction. Larger the transaction the lower the fees

  • No transaction fees for holding on to your micro-units.


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